Liberalists UK

We at the The Liberalists UK are a mix of centre-left (social liberal) and centre-right (classical liberal) individualists who have come together under the banners of freedom and democracy. Our beliefs are guided by the following seven main principles:

  • Individual Rights
  • Democracy
  • Economic Freedom
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Self-Reliance
  • Blind Justice
  • Secularism
  • Freedom Of Speech

    With the conviction of Count Dankula on the 20th of March many of us hear the call to do something at the injustice and the ever increasingly Draconian stance on free speech by the British government. Hit the button below to see how you can contribute and pick up some tools to make it easier for you to do so.
    Also click here to see replies from the MP's we have contacted!

    My Brexit Story:- David Bullivant

    A personal account from one of our members who initialy voted remain and has come to change their minds.


    In Italian, the word "basta" means several things in different contexts. One might hear it when a mother scolds her child for fooling around in public. It roughly means "That's enough". Following the arrest of Marcus Meechan (Count Dankula, as he is known on YouTube) for an "anti-Semitic" joke he posted on his YouTube channel, this is my only available response to the British government for this gross injustice: that's enough. Basta.