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Things you can do to help count dankula and fight for free speech

Write to your local MP here is a set of three templates made by Jonathan Wong, One you can insert the name of your local MP. One is adressed to Jacob Rees Mogg. The third is adressed to Lord Keen of Elie who is Advocate General for Scotland and Lords Spokesperson (Minister of Justice).

Sign the petition which is currently awaiting approval however signatures will count in the meantime but you are not able to see the content of the petition which is as follows:

Refine the communications act of 2003 section 127A and Act 1988, Section 1
The right to offend is an important part of free speech and the communications act does not define within reason what offensive speech IS and furthermore this act is selectively enforced to silence certain opinions and ideas whilst refusing to do the same against other groups.

The act in question in the face of free speech, it is without an objective standard and is so broad that it can easily be misused. The provisions to exclude comedy from this section have been shown to be ineffective in recent trials, as the courts have successfully argued that they can decide the context. Humour is subjective, thus the court cannot be able to discount this at will. We ask for an update to account for digital content creators and give them the same protections as broadcasters.

This petition focuses on communications act of 2003 section 127A and Act 1988, Section 1. The generic hate speech petition got hand waved a few weeks ago however being much more to the point this should garner a better response and any potential debate would be laser focused.

This petition was rejected for being "ambiguous" I will think of a way to make it MORE clear and then try again! Thanks to everyone who took the time to sign this one. I'm sorry it was rejected I honestly thought it was good and clear. Thanks everyone!

Create content of a wide and interesting variety, be it articles videos livestreams or memes which can then be shared to get the word out to as many people as possible and tell them WHY THEY SHOULD CARE.
Get in contact with myself (Jason Barker or anouther of the admins. alternitivly send an email to content@liberalists.uk